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STARCOMM is the evolution of optimized communications and internet connectivity solutions for businesses across the country. 

Our communication services include: Solar Video Surveillance Trailers, Two-Way Radios, LTE Connectivity, VSAT Connectivity, Cellular Amplification, Communication Hardware and Managed Services 


Our featured solutions:

Site Surveillance | Site Monitoring

Solar Surveillance Trailers

STARCOMM’s jobsite security trailers monitor your most important assets — a self-powered, wirelessly connected, and portable surveillance solution.

Access live, time-lapse, and historical footage, with custom alerts and analytics from our surveillance platform from any device. Get 24/7 security for any application:

Jobsite Communication | Radio Communication

Two-Way Radios

STARCOMM is a top nation-wide provider of business class two-way radio systems. From portable two-way radios, mobile radios, and two-way radio repeaters, we provide and program the right radio equipment for your needs. Whether you know the model number, or need consultation, our experienced team is here to help you find the right equipment for the job.

Site Monitoring Platform | Live Security Camera Portal

Video Surveillance Platform

Your security cameras are only as good as their monitoring platform. STARCOMM’s advanced video surveillance platform enhances your site security with person and object detection down to a granular level – license plate recognition, PPE detection, perimeter breaches, and more.

Monitor footage from the desktop portal or mobile app – Get 24/7 access your live and historical security footage from any device. Additionally, STARCOMM offers around the clock monitoring services.

Disaster Recovery Surveillance & Connectivity

Disaster Recovery Services

STARCOMM’s products are ideal for emergency response situations. Our surveillance and connectivity solutions are designed for rapid deployment and our team delivers every time. Our systems have been used in hurricane recovery efforts along the Gulf Coast, East Coast, recent floods in Kentucky, and humanitarian crises across the country.

Contact us today to learn more about our solutions for disaster preparedness and recovery.


Connectivity is the backbone of STARCOMM. See our LTE services, VSAT services, and Point to Point solutions.

Two-Way Radios

Stay connected with business-tier two-way radios, repeaters and complete systems from STARCOMM.

Cell Amplification

From cellular boosters to BDA/DAS solutions, STARCOMM keeps you connected in remote locations.


STARCOMM offers 24/7/365 support through our Network Operations Center and Field Support Services.

Connectivity for Jobsites, Offices and School Districts

Connection has always been important, but current times have made communication imperative from all locations. As we continue to work and school from many different locations, STARCOMM is prepared to bring your organization the highest standard of service with our turnkey connectivity solutions.

Expert Engineered Turnkey Solutions

STARCOMM continues to expand it’s project-specific configured telecom solutions. Explore our variety of turnkey options under the solutions tab on the menu above.

Field Support

Our Field Support Services are here from your solution’s configuration, install, and any regular maintenance and provisions of all equipment services. STARCOMM is proud to deliver and service projects nationally.

24/7 Help Desk Support

STARCOMM’s Network Operations Center (NOC) is headquartered in Houston, Texas and serves as your day-to-day intellectual support. Our NOC’s goal is to offer guidance and knowledge at the customer level, and assist with STARCOMM services at the product level.

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STARCOMM is the evolution of optimized communications and internet connectivity solutions for businesses across the country. This scalable suite of technology services keeps critical field operations connected and can be configured for any industry and location. 

STARCOMM’s headquarters is in Houston, TX but we serve the nation with yards around the country. Learn more about our locations here — wherever your jobsite is in the country, we can reach you.

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