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STARCOMM is the evolution of optimized communications and internet connectivity solutions for businesses across the country. This scalable suite of technology services keeps critical field operations connected and can be configured for any industry and location. 


STARCOMM—represents the next evolution of jobsite communications and internet connectivity.


We provide the fastest, most consistent two-way and WiFi connectivity to all of your organization's devices and end points.


We provide unparalleled design and engineering with data collection and reporting through our interactive Accusite portal.


STARCOMM offers 24/7/365 support through our Network Operations Center and Field Support Services.

Connectivity for Jobsites, Offices and School Districts

Connection has always been important, but current times have made communication imperative from all locations. As we continue to work and school from many different locations, STARCOMM is prepared to bring your organization the highest standard of service with our turnkey connectivity solutions.

Expert Engineered Turnkey Solutions

STARCOMM continues to expand it’s project-specific configured telecom solutions. Explore our variety of turnkey options under the solutions tab on the menu above.

Field Support

Our Field Support Services are here from your solution’s configuration, install, and any regular maintenance and provisions of all equipment services. STARCOMM is proud to deliver and service projects nationally.

24/7 Help Desk Support

STARCOMM’s Network Operations Center (NOC) is headquartered in Houston, Texas and serves as your day-to-day intellectual support. Our NOC’s goal is to offer guidance and knowledge at the customer level, and assist with STARCOMM services at the product level.

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