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Solutions For Better Jobsite Internet Connectivity

Solutions For Better Jobsite Connectivity

For any project, jobsite internet connectivity is imperative, both to meet deadlines and to maintain business relationships. Missing emails or calls in a remote area can be detrimental to your project’s stabilization. If you have ever struggled with your remote jobsite connection or your employee’s connection while traveling to and from your jobsite, you may not realize how simple STARCOMM’s connectivity solutions are.

Cell Phone Hot-Spotting

The first solution is something we’ve suggested many times with a variety of customers for travel and maintaining communication to and from the location of your jobsite. Construction jobsites are particularly notorious for having many moving pieces and, more importantly, people. As your employees and contractors travel to and from your remote construction site, there can be issues with a lack of correspondence due to poor signal and connectivity. We suggest a pay as you go data plan that allows your employees to connect to their mobile phone’s hotspot without using their personal data plan and funds. If your company provides work cellphones to employees while on a project, this type of data plan could be a simple option to keep communication at its peak. Take a look at our Partner, SIMETRY’s data plans, to learn more about this streamlined and straightforward transaction.

Automobile Spot Boosters

If you’re a project manager and your job requires a large fleet of trucks or vehicles to and from the jobsite, a mobilized vehicle hotspot may be a more sensible long term solution. Our Connected Vehicle solutions equip your vehicle with a small portable WiFi booster that amplifies your mobile connection while on the go. Even if you step out of the vehicle, within a reasonable distance, you will experience high speed internet connection. Our boosters are compatible with all major carrier plans and can be coordinated for any length of time and in the most remote areas. 

Satellite Connectivity

At STARCOMM, we’re aware that hotspots and boosters don’t maintain full jobsite connectivity all of the time, especially for the more extensive and projects of longer duration. If your project’s comms are more in-depth or in a location far away from a cell tower, we suggest one of our high powered Satellite options. STARCOMM offers both stabilized and fixed satellite solutions depending on your specific requirements. The efficiency of our VSAT connectivity gives your project a competitive edge and the ability to meet your deadlines. Your employees can work anywhere on the jobsite freely and communicate without consideration of hot-spotting or relying on a single area of connectivity to gather. If you want to explore STARCOMM’s transformative digital connectivity options, connect with us on our contact us page