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Keep your Employees Healthy with Social Distancing Two-Way Radios

Portable Radios

Keep your Employees Healthy with Social Distancing Radio Equipment 

If you work in an industry that requires in-person employees, our handheld radio options are the ticket to keeping health and safety at the forefront for your employees. STARCOMM’s handheld radio and radio systems keep people communicating from a distance and avoiding the spread of germs during the current pandemic. “Before you even realize the positive impact it has on social distancing, you’ll discover how much stronger the quality of your jobsite communications are.” – Rob Robinson, Director of STARCOMM.

The STARCOMM difference

STARCOMM’s full radio service includes an analysis of your organization’s communications, including peak hour optimization, in-building coverage, and range capacity. STARCOMM will assess your needs, design your communications system in conjunction with any existing system, and implement it for your organization. Depending upon the size of your facility or jobsite, we will engineer the right solution with the necessary bandwidth to provide top-notch communication between employees. 

How STARCOMM’s two-way radios minimize COVID19 risk

Our durable radios easily withstand daily disinfecting and their long-range, high-powered batteries keep you working at a distance longer. Every face to face interaction puts your employees at a greater risk of contracting the Coronavirus and thus halting the status of your business. Masks are no longer a strong enough precaution, according to the CDC. Portable Radio and intercom solutions are an easy and straightforward way to keep communications at an all-time high. 

Radio Sanitization Tips

  1. Maintain sanitization with isopropyl alcohol before and after each employee’s use.
  2. Assign the same radio to an individual to avoid the sharing of devices.
  3. Require your employees to wear disposable gloves to minimize the spread of bacteria amongst devices.