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Security Cameras: Keeping Businesses COVID Compliant

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Security Cameras: Keeping Businesses COVID Compliant

When COVID broke in early 2020, the virus was met with initial reluctance from most industries. With the lack of information surrounding COVID19, businesses and operations continued as normal across the country. Now that the virus has been present for nearly two years, there are different mandatory national, federal, and countywide regulations businesses are taking to stay functioning. There are many precautions to keep patrons safe and to keep the doors to your business open. STARCOMM Solar Security Cameras have been incredibly pertinent to many of our customers not only to provide consistent video security footage but to monitor the activity and behaviors of employees and visitors during this time.

Social Distancing with Security Cameras

STARCOMM’s easy to access footage platform allows for capacity monitoring and helps regulate the activity of social distancing between people. We understand that you can’t always be onsite but having the ability to oversee the activity of your operation and manage from a remote location, is something invaluable. COVID Security Cameras can provide on-the-spot insight for you to easily make a call to whomever in charge and communicate concerns.

Contact Tracing with Security Camera Footage

STARCOMM’s COVID security cameras help determine who and what was present if someone in your operation is diagnosed with COVID19. Experience visual insight into the contracted individual’s behaviors as well as relay the information to those potentially exposed. Contact Tracing is important for all industries, but we’ve seen a huge demand for this especially in the education and medical fields. Large operations for example a campus library or a hospital waiting room experience more foot traffic than the average business and it’s extremely important to stay on top of your security footage to mitigate high bacteria areas and mitigate particular areas from being high risk.

 Heatmapping for High Traffic Areas of Your Operation

Regardless of industry, every operation has areas that experience more foot traffic and the potential for bacteria spread. Whether it’s the restroom, kitchen, or checkout counter in your business, our Solar Security Solutions can help you designate areas where disinfecting needs to be a priority. There are easy third-party applications that can be connected to your cameras where you log in with your camera’s information and explore your footage but specifically with heat map information. This heat map shows where on your site has experienced more temperature-specific traffic, meaning touch and foot traffic. Explore a demo of one of our favorites today here.

As we acclimate to the adoption of new technology to help minimize COVID cases in the United States, we understand your concerns as an operating business and would love to discuss our many compliant and CDC followed security and communication solutions to help scale your business while remaining safe and COVID free. Chat with one of our experts today.