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3 Security Tips for New Business Owners

So… you’ve either just started a business or are dealing with a new business location. You know that security is an important aspect but may not be your priority. STARCOMM believes security needs to be top of mind, not just in securing your operation’s assets but in keeping the safety and health of your employees a priority. Here’s a simple checklist to go over as you’re preparing your operation for opening day.

Installing Security Cameras

This may seem obvious to some, but others may think surveillance footage is unnecessary unless you’re in the retail space. If your company isn’t the business of physical merchandise or on-site assets ranging into the thousands of dollars, it’s just as important to install inside and outside security cameras for peace of mind. Consider the following that you could be missing out on by not maximizing your security solutions.

  • Foot traffic on your jobsite or location

It’s important to monitor who comes and goes from your physical jobsite. To maintain transparency and honesty in critical situations. Without footage to fall back on, management can often be left without optics when it matters most.

  • Asset Security

Assets aren’t always retail items. Assets include everything worth value on your jobsite or location. Computer, tablets, Furniture, Sensitive Documents, etc. It’s easy to forget how much money you’ve poured into your operational equipment until it’s time to replace it. It’s always better to be over-prepared!

  • Employee Health and Safety

We are officially one year into COVID19 and most US businesses have felt a rift in their operations. According to a Yale study, “78.7% of surveyed small businesses responded that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on their business”. Companies have been forced to furlough and lay off employees, impacting their mental and emotional health and highly monitor the distance and sanitary environment of employees. Having another set of eyes in a Security Camera solution allows for optics over your employee’s work environment when you can’t be everywhere at all times.

 Implementing Failproof Communication

We’ve all probably experienced the frustrating moment of needing to contact someone or access the internet at the same time as experiencing an outage or a dead zone on site. It’s important to have a plan of action in case there is a lapse of communication. We can offer a few easy tips to set you off on the right foot and minimize instances like this.

Cellular Amplification Amplifying your connection through something like a DAS system or a wifi booster will cover even the most notorious dead zones in your operation to maintain excellent service. Depending on your jobsites location and size, you’re connectivity could be vastly impacted. Every business has a different experience. Increase your operation’s productivity during the workday and be prepared to communicate always if there’s an emergency.

  • Proper Communications Hardware 

Every business relies on telecommunication equipment between employees to keep operations afloat. The more remote and vast your business’ location, the more thought you’ll need to consider what type of hardware you need. For example, a 1 story corporate location may not need an intercom system or the use of handheld radio solutions, but a commercial real estate site that’s building up 25 floors will more than likely require the type of durable hardware that STARCOMM offers.  

  •  Engaging in Cybersecurity Efforts

Technology is both a gift and a curse. The farther our society adapts to the daily use of technology, the more our information is at risk. Gone are the days of file rooms and the manual management of sensitive information. Cloud software is now the norm and all your company’s important information is in the same spot online. As long as you’re allowing people to access this information as a part of their daily responsibility, you’re also risking the opportunity for dark web goers to access it as well. Private VPN’s are familiar to most businesses, especially in this age of working remotely. It allows for your entire enterprise to connect to your cloud of information if and only if they are connected to your single Private VPN. To learn more about VPN services, contact a VPN expert today here.

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