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STARCOMM is a scalable suite of technology services created specifically for keeping field operations connected. Created by a team with extensive industry experience, STARCOMM provides unparalleled design, engineering, support, and service management to meet the needs of your operations.

Company History

A bit about our background
July 2006

STARCOMM provided satellite-based communication hardware, including intercoms and telephones, to drilling sites. STARCOMM is thrilled to have been a part of the telecom servicing industry throughout the evolution of oilfield technology. The developments the company has made as over the last decade are undoubtedly distinguishable amongst its competitors.

August 2008

STARCOMM expands automated product and services to oil and gas rigs around the country. As the STARCOMM customer base grew, so did the innovations STARCOMM offered.

June 2011

STARCOMM became one of the first organizations to bring cell amplification services and connectivity to onshore drilling sites in the United States. Over the next few years, the company was able to streamline the connectivity process to be more efficient, and the positive feedback STARCOMM received exceeded industry expectations.

January 2013

“Office in a Box” is launched. STARCOMM ‘s out of the box business connectivity solution was the first of it’s kind in the industry. It’s deployment of LTE service units propelled the company’s national footprint and notoriety.

June 2015

STARCOMM ‘s debuts telemetry service innovation focusing on the real-time monitoring of fluid levels. Before STARCOMM ‘s service, the only way to check a drilling site’s fluid levels was to physically have jobsite workers climb up on the frack tanks to gauge levels. This service helped eliminate risk on jobsites and in turn, kept employees safer.

March 2016

STARCOMM Consolidates it’s central network ops center in Houston, Texas, closer to STARCOMM’s head corporate office.

August 2017

STARCOMM debuts its gas detection service model that is accessible through user-friendly “Accusite” portal. Much like the real-time data that the fluid monitoring gave, the gas detection services model gives users monitoring flexibility of using it on any device and from any location.

May 2018

As the STARCOMM brand becomes less industry-specific, the company’s strategy focuses on expanding the enterprise as an all-industry service with natural gas generators and water treatment and storage facilities. Both services’ data are accessed via the portal previously mentioned and are some of the most intelligent power solutions on the market.

March 2020

STARCOMM partners with SIMETRY, one of the country’s leading connectivity providers to bring consistent and amplified connection to industries and homes across the country. Read more about the company’s partnership on SIMETRY’s website.

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