STARCOMM is committed to providing connectivity you can count on. Don't let your connection issues curve your ability to communicate or your organization/school's productivity. Allow an industry leader to give you access to top notch wireless data internet connectivity from any location.

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We are a leader in providing innovative connectivity solutions.

For over 15 years our specialty trained engineers have provided advanced turnkey solutions to a variety of industrial applications using the latest products and technology. Browse a few of our connectivity solutions below and see how STARCOMM can provide the wireless connectivity you’re in need of. 


STARCOMM ‘s enterprise LTE is a high performance, LTE-Advanced router that is specially designed for mission-critical applications. Our LTE services include long-range Gigabit WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, up to 300Mbps download speeds. STARCOMM ‘s enterprise LTE delivers superior reliability and uninterrupted high speed services while operating in the harshest environments.


STARCOMM offers unparalleled communications infrastructure with satellite back haul, Ka and Ku bands, across the continental US. Remote monitoring and technical support 24/7/365 via STARCOMM ’s network operations team located in Houston, TX.

Point to Point

STARCOMM ‘s Point to Point connectivity infrastructure creates custom wireless networks and connects locations in even the most remote locations.


SIM Cards

Need LTE Data With That? See SIMETRY

SIMETRY was designed and launched out of the necessity to empower wireless data consumers. SIMTERY provides simple data plans, managed services, and carrier choice flexibility. As wireless data demand and utilization continues to grow, we must unite as data consumers and build pricing models that scale with our businesses, transparency to understand your cost, and flexibility to choose the carriers we want. As your IoT business partner, we promise to meet the demands and challenges of tomorrow, while reducing the financial impact that wireless data has on your operating expenses today.