Disaster Recovery Services

Rapid Deployment Solutions for Disaster Events and Emergency Response

STARCOMM is your trusted partner for communication services when they are most needed.

Our services have been tested in the harshest environments including severe storm and hurricane recovery efforts, and humanitarian crises along the Gulf coast, East coast and recent flooding in Kentucky.

Ready to Deploy When Disaster Strikes

STARCOMM specializes in rapid deployment surveillance and connectivity services. Our products are designed to work in harsh and conditions where they are most needed. See our emergency response products below.

Mobile Command Centers

Establish a temporary base of operations with STARCOMM’s mobile command centers. Equipped with LTE connectivity to keep your assets connected and in communication during emergency situations.

Complete Disaster Recovery Services

Browse our services designed for rapid deployment in emergency situations.
Contact STARCOMM today to ensure connectivity and surveillance when you need them most.


LTE In A Box

Rapid Deployment Mobile LTE Connectivity

Rapid cellular connectivity deployment in a heavy-duty case rated for extreme environments


Two-Way Radios

IP-67 Rated Professional Radios

Professional two-way radios for reliable, instant communication in mission critical situations.


Solar Surveillance Trailers

Security cameras with video platform for 24/7 live video access

Our surveillance trailers are self-sufficient portable security solutions for short-term or long-term use.


Cell Amplification

Antennas, Spot Boosters, and Modems for LTE Connectivity

When cell signal is weakened by downed lines and storm interference, our amplification hardware and services fill in the gaps.

Portable VSAT Trailer

VSAT Connectivity

Deploy VSAT Skids for Reliable Connectivity

Our satellite connectivity solutions can be rapidly deployed where signal is weak, even in the most remote locations.


Entertainment for Disaster Recovery Camps and Temp Housing

STARCOMM offers DirecTV packages for remote locations and temporary facilities for disaster recovery workers. 


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