Emergency and
Disaster Relief

2020 has been a year of change and adaptation. While life has been turned upside down, STARCOMM 's emergency services have everything you need to connect your operation and protect your community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In times of need, STARCOMM will be there for our customers and our communities. With a full fleet of emergency response and support equipment, STARCOMM is ready to answer the call and support slow the spread of COVID-19. Whether you need remote communications, Thermal Monitoring Kiosks, Portable Tower Trailers, Cell Amplification, Two-way radios, Iridium Sat Phones, we’ve got it. We can provide a turnkey emergency service solution backed by the best technology in the industry.

  • VSAT Services 
  • LTE Connectivity Services 
  • Cell Amplification/Boosters 
  • Handheld Radios 
  • Iridium Sat Phones 
  • Two Way Radio Systems 
  • Portable Tower Systems 
  • Solar Security Trailers 
  • Security  
  • Industrial Mesh Wifi Systems 
  • Command Centers 


  • Quarantine Units 
  • Testing Facilities 
  • Command Centers 
  • Changing/Decom Areas 
  • Site Support 
  • Crowd Management 
  • Social Distancing Capacity 
  • Remote Working Areas 
  • Drive-Thru Clinic Support 
  • Back-Up Power/Electricity/Lighting 
  • Temporary Housing/Shelter 
  • Workforce Quarantine 

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