Renewable Energy

STARCOMM is proud to be a leader in clean renewable energy solutions. We have found the benefits of our equipment to be beneficial for the environment and incredibly efficient on jobsites across the country.

STARCOMM is proud to support producers of solar, wind and other renewable energy sources. That’s why we offer a variety of green energy installation equipment rentals to aid with the construction, installation and maintenance of generation sites across the United States and offshore areas—even in the most remote and rugged locations. Partner with STARCOMM for job-right clean energy installation equipment rentals, and unbridled support of your green initiatives. 

STARCOMM energy capabilities:

  • LTE Communications 
  • Satellite Communications 
  • Solar Lighting solutions 
  • Solar security trailers 
  • Cell Amplification 
  • Two Way Radios 
  • Two Way Radio Systems 
  • Portable Tower Trailers 
  • Industrial WIFI Mesh Solutions 
  • IOT Monitoring 
  • Accusite Portal 

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