STARCOMM’s broad radio inventory offers VHF mobile radios and UHF mobile radios for both business and public safety applications and can be installed into any vehicle across the country. Our Mobile Radio solutions are great for anyone who needs to stay in touch or communicate with others while traveling or in a remote area.

Mobile radios are used as vehicle radio mounts for applications including first responder, Over the Road, taxi, limousine, and service/repair vehicles. STARCOMM mobile radios are recommended when extended-range communications are required, whether it be in your organization or for personal use. All STARCOMM two way mobile radio systems are compactly designed and easy to install. 

Motorola XPR 5000 Mobile Radio Series


Motorola XPR 5550e

Color alphanumeric display, VHF and UHF


Motorola XPR 5580e

Color alphanumeric display, 800/900


Motorola XPR 5350e

Numeric display, VHF and UHF


Motorola XPR 5380e

Numeric display, 800/900

Advantages of the XPR 5000e series

  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • WAVE™ OnCloud support
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Bluetooth® 4.0
  • Indoor location tracking

Motorola XPR 2500 Mobile Radio


Motorola XPR 2500

Digital alphanumeric display, VHF, UHF

Advantages of the XPR 2500 series

  • Analog / Digital
  • Voice Communications
  • Alphanumeric Display
  • Intelligent Audio
  • Basic Privacy
  • Dual Capacity Direct Mode
  • Voice Announcement
  • Digital Mobile Radio
    (DMR) Standards Compliant
  • Narrowbanding Compliant
  • Transmit Interrupt (Decode)
  • IP54 Rated

Motorola CM200d & CM200d Mobile Radios

Motorola CM200d

Numeric Display


Motorola CM300d

Alphanumeric Display

Advantages of the CM200d and CM300d

  • Analog / Digital
  • Voice Communications
  • Dual Capacity Direct Mode
  • Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Standards
  • Narrowbanding Compliant
  • Transmit Interrupt (Decode Only)
  • Basic Privacy
  • Voice Announcement
  • IP54 Rated

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