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Get peace of mind with smarter security with STARCOMM. Protect and monitor your jobsite with wireless jobsite security cameras built to suit any application.

We offer tailored surveillance solutions that protect what you have worked hard to build, no matter the size of your operation.


Security Camera Mounting Options

STARCOMM will mount your security cameras to a pole, building or fixed position based on your needs. Our nation-wide team is standing by to  deploy, install, and service your equipment if needed.

Contact us to learn more about our mounting options.

Pole Mount

Mount your cameras on a pole for long-term or short term. Cameras operate wirelessly without the need for a WiFi connection.

mounted security cameras

Pole Mount with Solar

For a self-sustaining camera system, STARCOMM will include solar panels with your install. Ideal for remote locations and environmentally-conscious sites. 

Fixed Mount

STARCOMM will install fixed mount camera systems, with the same connectivity and surveillance platform, ideal for indoor applications.

Building Mount

Mount cameras to your building for a permanent surveillance solution. Building mounted camera systems offer the same wireless connectivity and accessibility. 

Surveillance Camera Hardware Options

Customize your mounted cameras based on your security needs.

At STARCOMM we understand that every operation is different. We offer optional upgrades for video deployment solutions like thermal, Bi-Spectrum, LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras, and remote monitoring.

STARCOMM has 17+ years of experience building customized solutions for locations large and small using a wide-variety of cameras from high-quality manufacturers. We will recommend hardware options based on your needs.

Whether a long-term project, or a quick turnaround, we have you covered with our 24/7 site time-lapse surveillance equipment.

Contact us to learn more about our camera options.

starcomm license plate recognition camera

License Plate Recognition Cameras

LPR cameras automatically capture license plates of passing cars in real-time. Combined with STARCOMM’s video monitoring system and cloud analytics, LPR cameras can send notifications if a vehicle on a watch list passes by.

Contact us to learn more about LPR camera options.

Thermal Bi-Spectrum PTZ Cameras

STARCOMM offers thermal and optical pan-tilt-zoom cameras in one for maximum coverage day or night. PTZ cameras can be controlled manually or track movement automatically through behavoral analysis algorithms.

Contact us to learn more about PTZ camera options.

Thermal IP Fixed Cameras

For perimeter protection, STARCOMM offers Thermal IP Cameras that detect incidents, objects, and people around the clock. Thermal imaging secures your location with outdoor monitoring and early fire detection.

Contact us to learn more about Thermal IP camera options.

Classified Cameras

STARCOMM offers classified hazard and explosion-proof (class 1 div 2) cameras for particularly volatile locations.  Provide security, monitor operations, and ensure the health and safety for your employees where it is most needed.

Contact us to learn more about Classified camera options.

Superior Security Camera Systems

Intelligent, Safe, Full Service experience anywhere you need it.




Need a Guide?

We’ve put together a list of configurations we suggest for various applications.

Use our guide as a starting point. STARCOMM will configure your SST depending on your needs.

Video Monitoring Portal

Access your real-time and historical footage with the STARCOMM video monitoring portal. Automate alerts for custom events so you always know what is happening on-site, from anywhere, on any device. 


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