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Connect to high-speed Internet anywhere in the world with OneWeb and STARCOMM. This revolutionary technology is changing connectivity as we know it.

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OneWeb Service and Installation with STARCOMM

Access low-latency LEO VSAT connectivity and Exceptional Service

STARCOMM is an early provider of OneWeb services and preferred provider across North America. Utilize our expertise in VSAT connectivity to bring your business communications to the next level. STARCOMM delivers, installs, and services OneWeb solutions.


OneWeb access terminal installation for land and maritime use


STARCOMM delivers and provides optimal installation on your sites

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OneWeb = Low-Latency VSAT Connectivity

Performance and coverage improves as you get closer to Earth

Low-latency unlocks high demand applications. OneWeb’s low Earth orbit makes VSAT a modern solution to remote connectivity problems. A multitude of satellites make total global coverage possible, meaning your applications are able to deliver crucial data when and where it is most needed.


Access Equipment (the UT)


OneWeb System Overview

Reliable high-speed connectivity anywhere you need it.

OneWeb’s network of satellites provides a truly global low-latency communication solution. Each plane of a satellite’s coverage overlaps the two next to it, creating gapless coverage. Additionally, each satellite has spare satellites in the same orbit that power on should an issue with the primary arise.

STARCOMM OneWeb Installations


OneWeb Services

Global low-latency connectivity solutions

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