Radio Rentals

At STARCOMM, we're all about flexibility for our customers. Communication hardware is an essential piece of any successful function or operation and our team of rental experts is standing by to deliver a rental strategy that works for you. STARCOMM offers an end-to-end radio rental experience including radio hardware, infrastructure, cell amplification, installation and tech support.

STARCOMM has one of the largest radio inventories in the United States and offer competitive daily, weekly and monthly rates on all STARCOMM radio equipment. Our radio solutions cover every application, from short-range handheld portable radio solutions to vehicle mounted mobile radios. Whether you need two-way radio rentals for your private event staff or commercial mobile radio equipment for your fleet of vehicles, we’ve got you covered. We can deploy as few as 2 devices to as many as 1000 devices all depending on your communication needs. Contact one of our rental experts today to start creating a radio system and rental plan that works for you.

Two Way Rentals Starting At $1.00 a Day

Motorola XPR 3000e series


Motorola XPR 3500e

Monochrome display, limited keypad


Motorola XPR 3300e

No display or keypad

Advantages of the XPR 3000e series

  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Bluetooth® audio
  • Enhanced audio quality
  • Channel lock (XPR 3500e only)
  • Improved expandability
  • Better battery life (up to 28 hours)
  • Better range (up to 8%)
  • Better waterproofing (IP67)
  • HazLoc models available

Motorola CP 200d series


Motorola CP 200d

No display

Advantages of the CP 200d

  • VHF, UHF
  • Analog/Digital Voice Communications
  • Dual Capacity Direct Mode
  • Transmit Interrupt (Decode Only)
  • Basic Privacy
  • Customizable Voice Announcement
  • RFID Knob (optional accessory)
  • Extended Range Direct Mode
  • Lone Worker
  • Emergency Alert
  • Radio Inhibit (Decode Only)
  • Remote Monitoring (Decode Only)
  • Quik Call II / MDC1200 capable
  • Rx Audio Leveling
  • Automatic Gain Control

Two Way Radios are durable and convenient forms of communication meant to be used in different ranges and environments. Two-way radios come in handy in remote areas where cell signal is lacking, but communication is required. Whether you’re taking your family on a hiking trip or need to equip your entire workforce with the means to communicate on the jobsite, we have some tips to help you narrow down the right equipment for you…

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