STARCOMM offers unparalleled satellite communications infrastructure with satellite back haul, Ka and Ku bands, across the continental US. Remote monitoring and technical support 24/7/365 via STARCOMM ’s VSAT network operations team located in Houston, TX.

Fixed Antenna

  • No mechanical parts for failure
  • Easy transportation between field sites
  • Only 3 points of axis for pointing
    – Elevation
    – Azimuth
    – Polarization
  • Reduced cost of ownership

Auto Acquire Antenna

  • Designed for mobile sites and units
  • Easy installation, deployment, and moving of network
  • On network within minutes of being on site
  • No antenna pointing required
  • Reduced cost – No dispatch required for site moves

Stabilized Antenna

  • Designed for Offshore installations
  • Auto tracking antenna for mobile units
  • Extreme accuracy for keeping you connected
  • Out of band management for remote support
  • Beam switching technology for global coverage

VSAT services that keep you connected

STARCOMM offers a variety of fixed, auto-acquire and stabilized antennas designed for the most rugged environments. Our high availability iDirect network uses DVBS2 carriers, uplink power control and advanced modulation schemes across multiple satellite transponders to keep everyone connected and at a high speed. Proprietary quality of service (QoS), TCP acceleration and compression design allows data, voice and video traffic to be prioritized and optimized. With STARCOMM, your operations enjoy a robust and resilient network experience that is industry leading across more than 500 remote sites.

Ku vs. Ka Band

Ku Band

  • STARCOMM owned and operated iDirect hub on Intelsat G3C
  • Dedicated or custom bandwidth options
  • Advanced carrier technology for stability
  • Proprietary QoS design for voice, video and data
  • Corporate VLAN network integration
  • 24/7 support and NOC monitoring

Ka Band

  • Business-class Internet
  • Download speeds up to 25Mbps
  • Smaller footprint requirements with sub-meter antenna
  • Fair access policy applies