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STARCOMM strikes solar security deal with animal conservatory in Texas.

STARCOMM Strikes Exciting Deal With Animal Conservatory in Texas.

At STARCOMM we get to meet some incredible people and organizations. We were reminded of this recently when an animal sanctuary and event center in McGregor, Texas reached out to us about creating a more secure event site with our solar security solutions. It turns out having optics on hundreds of animals spanning 150 acres is quite tricky! 

We are excited to Partner with the sanctuary in launching STARCOMM solar security solutions that detect motion from the animals and secure the animals from poaching with vehicle and license plate monitoring from permanent skidded 360-degree surveillance equipment. The team also has exciting plans in 2021 for a virtual animal experience, where their online members can log in and virtually visit the animals. We are thrilled to get to be a part of it! To learn more about our customizable security solutions connect with us today here.