Accusite Portal

STARCOMM ’s IIoT platform, Accusite, utilizes SCADA properties to provide hands on control and instrumentation to it’s customers. the Accusite portal is unique in that it is a site centric system with 100% mobile access on any device. We provide automation services, instrumentation and equipment options for both internal and external customers.

Accusite capabilities:

  • Remote monitoring
    • Centralize your monitoring to your headquarters or single location
    • Monitor status and state of system/site
    • Reduce onsite head count improving safety
    • Strategic maintenance response
  • Custom site performance reporting
    • Engineer developed reports
    • Target what’s valuable to the customer
    • Automatic email delivery (based on report size/resolution)
    • Track OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) for control systems
      • Availability X Performance X Quality = OEE
    • System alerting and notifications
      • Custom alarm scheme based on customer needs
      • Email and Text notifications
      • Enable and Disable alerts and alarms as needed
    • SCADA system and Engineering Services
      • Production sites
      • Process controls
      • HMI & PLC integration
        • New install
        • Update/ remodel existing system
        • Manage data with edge gateway
        • View and aggregate data on Accusite
      • PID loop tuning
        • Instrumentation dependent