STARCOMM monitoring capabilities provide local and remote visibility of each asset’s fluid-level height and content volume. With a single and simplified user interface, STARCOMM provides advanced cloud and local management of devices and immediate access to real-time and historical data. Regardless of device type or location, data aggregation allows access to powerful analytics, while digital notifications provide timely alerts about potential issues and status changes.

STARCOMM’s Fluid Level Monitoring Solution

Our solution provides local & remote visibility on liquid level height and volume of content in each tank. Advanced cloud management of devices is through a single and easy user-interface. Data aggregation allows for powerful analytics regardless of device type or location. Remote alerts allow visualization through email notifications of potential problems or status changes.

Guided wave radar, Hydrostatic pressure, or ultrasonic options, allow for unified level measurement

Hardwired sensors for high speed, as well as wireless nodes for less-than-critical applications allow for ease of installation

Optional Flow Totalizer allows accounting of volume

Audible and Visual alarms

Optionally solar capable

Additional inputs can be added on request


Whether you are in the field or in the office, monitoring your fluid levels is only a click away. STARCOMM web portal is viewable on any browser supporting the latest technology coding HTML5. This allows for seamless use across all devices, without the need for cumbersome standalone apps, and creates a unified experience.