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STARCOMM: Offshore Internet Connection

offshore connectivity

In a research study conducted by the Population Reference Bureau, a Princeton economist named Alan Blinder estimated that about 30 million jobs, accounting for a little more than one-fifth of the U.S. workforce, are vulnerable to offshoring. It’s usual to picture a typical maritime career as a muddied-up offshore rig engineer. Still, a large portion of our maritime business happens behind the scenes in more operational positions. Examples of jobs that keep our offshore rigs running smoothly in the planning and execution phases would be, Geologists, Mathematicians, Computer Programmers, Data Entry Specialists, and the list goes on. These specialists must be available to receive and send communications to offshore locations. If there are offshore internet issues, the probability of decreased productivity and increased safety risk immediately occur. 

If you’ve worked in for any maritime company or on an offshore location, you’ve likely encountered problems with your offshore internet connectivity, thus impacting your offshore communications. As technology advances, internet devices have become the medium in which we communicate and have taken over many of the duties and responsibilities once held by a good old human workforce. To keep the required stream of signal your offshore operation needs, you need to have specific equipment in place.

Not sure what type of offshore satellite equipment you need? Our team at STARCOMM is here to help. Our communications experts can recommend the right equipment to sustain your operation. STARCOMM specializes in deploying offshore communications equipment, including VSAT vessel equipment, two-way radio solutions, satellite phones and more. Our team is standing by to provide you with a same-day quote. We have been proud to serve offshore oil and gas operations for companies across the country. Ready to learn more click here.