STARCOMM: Offshore Internet Connection

offshore connectivity

In a research study conducted by the Population Reference Bureau, a Princeton economist named Alan Blinder estimated that about 30 million jobs, accounting for a little more than one-fifth of the U.S. workforce, are vulnerable to offshoring. It’s usual to picture a typical maritime career as a muddied-up offshore rig engineer. Still, a large portion […]

Cell Signal During & After Hurricanes

hurricane-disaster-connectivity-relief- signal

Cell Signal During & After Hurricanes Recent Hurricane Ida hit the gulf coast United States and has put thousands of families in a situation without power and electricity. The Gulf Coast wasn’t the only area affected by the ferocious weather patterns. The damage spanned the country; even the northeast in New York experienced significant flooding […]

Increase School Security & Safety with STARCOMM

school surveillance

The spring of 2021 brought a domino effect of schools reopening their doors to educate students in physical classrooms for the first time in over a year. According to a recent poll completed by The Atlantic, “Only 73 percent of all parents said they are comfortable with full in-person learning for their child this fall.” […]

STARCOMM strikes solar security deal with animal conservatory in Texas.


Previous Next STARCOMM Strikes Exciting Deal With Animal Conservatory in Texas. At STARCOMM we get to meet some incredible people and organizations. We were reminded of this recently when an animal sanctuary and event center in McGregor, Texas reached out to us about creating a more secure event site with our solar security solutions. It […]

Solar Security: A Tip for the Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry Security Cameras for car dealerships

Solar Security: A Tip for the Automotive Industry Business owners in the automotive industry are at high risk of theft, much like other businesses housing expensive assets. According to the National Crime Bureau, auto thefts in 2020 totaled 873,080. Unfortunately for the automotive industry, vehicles immediately lose value once driven off the lot, so business […]

3 Security Tips for Business Owners

Business Security

3 Security Tips for New Business Owners So… you’ve either just started a business or are dealing with a new business location. You know that security is an important aspect but may not be your priority. STARCOMM believes security needs to be top of mind, not just in securing your operation’s assets but in keeping […]

Find the 2-Way Radio for You

walkie talkie equipment

Find the right two-way radio for you Two Way Radios are durable and convenient forms of communication meant to be used in different ranges and environments. Two-way radios come in handy in remote areas where cell signal is lacking, but communication is required. Whether you’re taking your family on a hiking trip or need to […]

Security Cameras: Keeping Businesses COVID Compliant

security cameras heat mapping

Security Cameras: Keeping Businesses COVID Compliant When COVID broke in early 2020, the virus was met with initial reluctance from most industries. With the lack of information surrounding COVID19, businesses and operations continued as normal across the country. Now that the virus has been present for nearly two years, there are different mandatory national, federal, […]

The Importance of BDA Systems in Emergencies

BDA in Emergencies

The Importance Of BDA Systems in Emergencies When first responders are responding to a call, it’s imperative that they communicate with each other, right? They cannot always do this because of poor signal strength in some parts of a building. In many buildings, there are areas called dead spots that minimize the signal strength from […]

What’s really the difference? BDA vs. DAS

Industrial BDA/DAS

What’s the difference? BDA vs. DAS What even are they? Both BDA (bi-directional amplifier) and DAS (distributed antenna systems) can be categorized as Emergency response solutions in terms of enhancing communication and reception. When the ability to communicate is critical, much like in an emergency, both BDA and DAS solutions offer the reliable communication you […]